“There is no world without Verona walls,
but purgatory, torture, hell itself.
hence-banished is banish'd from the world,
and world's exile is death.”
(William Shakespeare)

Verona Central Park

Verona CentralPark

Verona CentralPark, sport and wellness

Verona CentralPark, reading and relaxing

Verona CentralPark, play and leisure

Verona CentralPark, peace and quiet

A public park of over 180,000 square meters in size, as large as 24 football fields, with over 1,000 new trees planted, pedestrian paths, cycle paths, playground for children and an area dedicated to our faithful four-legged friends. A modern park, well illuminated and with video surveillance. A safe place to meet, relax or jog in an enjoyable daily rite. Verona CentralPark has all the cards to become, for Verona, what Central Park means, naturally on a much larger scale, for the city of New York: a great, unique, inimitable green lung right in the center of town.